What we do

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FAFAWE stands out a little from the rest. We help women from all creeds and walks of life to overcome obstacles stopping them from achieving their life goals. Our initiatives support our beneficiaries financially, emotionally and educationally.

A helping hand

FAFAWE runs vocational and life skills courses for women subject to economic hardship e.g. fashion design, hairdressing, catering, and snack-making. We are proud to partner with a local micro-finance bank so that on completion, candidates are given soft loans to start their own small businesses.

A spare shoulder

Our outreach courses create a community of sisters where victims of domestic abuse can become survivors. They are safe places where our beneficiaries can find social and emotional support in an environment that ushers them closer to financial independence and the liberation it presents.

A brain for picking

In the near future, FAFAWE hopes to offer free adult education and remedial education programmes for women in a modular format, allowing students to progress at their own pace.

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